Medical Card & Expenses

Tax Refunds for Medical Expenses

Have you had any Medical Expenses from years 2014 – 2017?

Claim a Medical Expenses Tax Credit of 20%

Get against historic tax already paid!

Eligible Medical Expenses.

Doctors Bills
Prescription Charges
Hospital Bills
Most Dental Expenses (see below for more on this)
Nursing Home Costs
Physio or Orthoptic treatment prescribed by a practitioner
‘In vitro’ Fertilisation (IVF) treatment
Education, Speech and Language Therapy for kids
Certain costs for Coeliac & diabetes sufferers.
Certain appliances required for medical care
Certain expenses incurred in the course of medical care

All Tax Back checks all your medical expenses prior to claim to ensure you get the right refund, so please keep any receipts for the required 6 years to avoid Revenue Audits. Even if Medical Insurance Foots Part of the Bill, then the part you do not get recompensed means you can make a claim against your tax.

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