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Have you been renting continuously since Dec 7 2010?

If so then claim Rent Relief Tax Credits of €400 for the above years!

Get twice as much if you are Married, Widowed, or over 55!

Are You Due Rent Relief Tax Refunds?

Get Money Back if you are renting from…

  • A Landlord
  • An Estate Agent
  • A Room in a house
  • Renting since Dec 2010

How to Get Your Rent Tax Refund

We strive to make it as easy as possible to get Tax Refunds

Follow our simple 3 step process in our Application form.

Rent Tax Credits are being abolished at the end of 2017

No tax relief is available on rented accommodation from 2018

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We charge a nominal fee of 10% of the value of your Tax Refund + a minimum processing fee of €20